How to thrashing manually

How to thrash rice manually in Nigeria- using hand method

How to thrash rice manually – using hand method

After rice is harvested manually thrashing is the next thing to do,

Although rice seeds can be separated through mechanical method by the use of rice harvesting mechines

this article will bring to light the procedures involved in rice thrashing.

How to thrash rice manually – using hand method;

For this process to be successful you need to take the following steps:

🔹Spread tampolyn on the ground

Spread tampolyn on the ground, gather the harvested rice on it

🔹Use wood or sticks

After gathering of the harvested rice on the tampolyn you will use sticks or wood to thrash the rice by striking the gathered rice on the tampolyn

🔹 Separation of seeds

After thrashing the rice and the seeds have fall off, the next step is to sperate the chaff from the seeds.

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Once the seeds are separated from chaff, your paddy rice ready to be bagged and set for marketing.

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Advantages of thrashing rice manually

The advantage of using manual or hand method is that, it saves cost compare to the usage of mechanical method

which has to do with the use of rice harvesting machines which is expensive.

Disadvantages of thrashing rice manually

In the course of carrying out the process if you are not careful you may injure your self,

the sticks or wood may clash and unknowingly a farmer may hit another farmer and it may lead to serious injury.

So when your rice is ready for harvest and it is manually harvested all you need to do is to follow the above mentioned steps.

Apart from the use of sticks or wood to strike the gathered rice on the tampolyn spread on ground

you can use drum than you hold the harvested rice as much as your hand can grab than you will strike on the drum

Farmers thrashing manually

after striking you will throw away the chaff when the work is done you will separate the seeds from the chaff and packed into bags and ready for storage or marketing.

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