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How to start palm oil plantation in Nigeria

Palm oil fruits
Palm oil fruits

Palm oil is an essential ingredient in many kitchen, so having an idea on how to start palm oil plantation in Nigeria is never a bad deal.

The Oil palm is rich kind of plant being that every part of tree is useful

Beginning from the truck to pulp even down to the kernel.

Before you start your Oil palm cultivation, it is important that you choose the type of varieties you want to plant.

Palm oil fruits
Cluster of Palm oil fruits

Varieties of oil palm fruit

• Tenera Palms fruit

This type of Palm fruit have kernels with less thick shell.

• Dura palms fruit

Have kernels with thick shell.

• Pisifera palms fruit

This variety have kernels with no shell at all.

How to start palm oil plantation in Nigeria.
Do you know that the fruits of all Oil palms are not the same? A bottle of red oil cost #800, 25 litters cost #22,000

The fruits are not the same in size including the thickness of the pulp, it is not equally thick in all fruits.

the same thing with their shell too some of the kernels don’t have shell.

For you to start palm oil plantation in Nigeria and become successful in it, I advise that you stick to this article as your guide.

How to start palm oil plantation in Nigeria

• Get your desired size of land

When all is set in terms of capital availability and you have made up your mind to grow palm oil

your number one criteria is land. you need land to kick start your investment into the palm oil production world.

• planting

Palm oil tree planting is not difficult work to do, once you have finished preparing the land which has to do with getting rid of bush and unwanted elements off the land

your next move is to dig holes on the farm land or plantation.

Please note that you don’t dig holes anyhow on the land, you will dig it in rows and columns through out the farm land and the
distance between each hole should be around 10 meters.

After which the palm oil seedlings will be moved from the nursery to the planting ground and put in the already dug holes.

Palm seedlings
Palm seedlings

• maintenance of the plantation

After you are done with planting the oil palm seedlings in the appropriate holes

for your plantation to be weed free plant any leguminous crop of your choice in the plantation, it will overcome weed and provide nitrogen to the soil.

Diseases control:

oil palm plantation may be attack by the following pests and diseases if precaution is taken.

Rhinoceros beetle :

v – sparp cut in palm fronds or holes in leafs midrib caused by beetle boring into crown to feed.

this pest can be managed by destroying any decay logs in the plantation by cutting and burning to kill any larvae that may be inside.

Ganoderma butt rot:

reduced growth of Palm, older fronds turning chlorotic, dropping fronds on mature oil palm.

this fungi disease can be controlled by monitoring closely for any sign of disease especially if a palm died

infected palm tree should be remove to avoid fungi transfer.

Grasscutter and rats:

This are threat to oil palm plantation too, they feed on the fruits.

They can be managed by using traps to catch them.

• harvest

It takes three to four years for palm oil tree to mature and be ready for harvest

harvesting of Palm oil fruits can be done using cutlass, axe or palm Harvester.

After which the harvested fruits will be taken to palm oil mill and then the oil will be extracted and used for any intended purpose.

The truth of the matter is that, palm oil plantation is a very lucrative business to invest in because the quest for palm oil products has increased rapidly in the market

I advise that we should embrace agriculture and venture into which ever sector you feel you can prosper in,

Besicaly, palm oil production has many uses and benifit.

Uses of Palm production:

Palm oil tree has many uses, almost every part of the plant is profitable.

• Red oil is extracted from the fruits

• the kernel too is used to produce oil

• after oil is extracted from the fruits, the chaff is used to make fire

• palm tree leaf is used to produce broom

• the leaf is also used to produce roofing sheets

• the trunk is used to produce timber wood

• wine is extracted from palm tree.

These are just few uses of Palm tree out of the numerous uses and benifit you can derived from start palm oil plantation in Nigeria.

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Fertilizer application is optional, if you have a fertile land you are good to go.

Please note that the cost red oil may change due to season and location.

Hope this article, how to start palm oil plantation in Nigeria was a sure guide.

please remember to drop your questions and comments if there is any.


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