Farmer harvesting oranges

How to start an orange farm plantation in Nigeria-tips everyone should know

How to start an orange farm plantation in Nigeria – tips everyone should know

Farmer harvesting oranges
Farmer harvesting orange

starting an orange farm plantation in Nigeria is a profitable business to invest in because orange fruit is one of the most sort for juice fruit worldwide.

Orange (citrus) is a highly rich fruit,which contains vitamins also known for its energy refilling a good source of food digestion

the fruit of the orange tree can be eaten fresh or processed for it juice.

Types/varieties of orange

There are many varieties of orange,not every variety is suitable for cultivation in particular location or ecological zones

This article will highlight some varieties of oranges that are widely consumed and cultivated in Nigeria;

🔹Navel oranges

This variety of orange is characterized by the growth of a tiny second fruit at the apex of the fruit, which protrudes and slightly resembles a human navel.

The navel orange fruit is primarily grown for human consumption, and their thicker skin makes them easy to peel.

they are less juicy and not suitable for juice extraction

They are available from November to April while the peak supply is in January to march.

🔹 Valencia

Is a late – season fruit and also popular variety when navel oranges are out of season, Valencia oranges are ready harvest from September to December


The Hamlin orange fruit is a small, smooth,not highly coloured and juicy, with a pale yellow coloured juice.

The fruit may be seedless or may contain a number of small seeds, the most interesting thing about this variety of orange is that, the tree produces good quality fruits

that are edible but too small for commercial purposes which are harvested from October to December.

🔹 Sweet oranges

sweet oranges are an early – season fruit with low levels of acid, they are also called acid-less oranges.

Because of lack of acid which protects orange juice against spoilage in other varieties, renders them unfit for processing as juice so they are primarily eaten.

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How to start an orange farm plantation in Nigeria; As of 1987, orange trees were found to be the most cultivated fruit tree in the world and currently oranges accounted for more than 50% of citrus production

Orange trees are grown in tropical and subtropical climate,the guidelines for investing in an orange farming business is this :

1• Get a suitable land

Get a good location and the appropriate land for orange cultivation, orange can not survey in a place where the is excess water

Go for a piece of land were there is no much water.

2• Planting

Planting of orange is not a difficult tax, Once you have secure your piece of land and you are done with the land preparation like getting of bush and unwanted elements of the land

the next step is to plant ; before planting you will dig a hole and gap between each hole will be 3× meters

then the oranges being raised from nursery will be place in the hole dug and covered; if it is planted during dry season the planted trees will be irrigated or watered for it to survey and bear fruits.

3• Budding of the orange trees

After you are through with planting, for your orange farm plantation to produce good yield and be ready for harvest on time you need to do budding.

Budding has to do with the merging of trees together, that is to say when a tree is still in it nursery stage another tree will be joint to that planted tree and tigh together,

In most cases trees of the same species

In orange farming budding facilitates the growth and development of orange plantation that is to say, the budded oranges will produce fruits on time compare to other orange trees that are not budded.

4• maintenance of the orange farm

Whichever type of business you are into, whether the agricultural sector or manufacturing industry having a good maintenance culture is criteria to achieving positive result.

An orange farm plantation is not an exception; being that after you have finished planting and have done all the necessary things (steps of orange farming)

as the orange farm progresses it is advisable to keep the plantation free of bush within and around the farm surrounding, at least maintenance should done twice a year

this measures will protect the farm against fire outbreak including pests and diseases from trace passing.

5• Pest and Disease control

For an orange farm plantation to produce good yield and fruits, you should be able to manage pests and diseases associated with orange farming

some of the diseases that are major threat to the production of orange farming are;

Citrus greening disease:

The citrus greening disease is caused by a bacterium liberobacter asiaticum which has been a threat to orange production

It is characterized by the streaks of different shades on the leaves and even if the tree produces fruits, the fruits will be without flour, and it will have bad test,

when the disease overwhelm the citrus tree it can live for only five to eight years and will never bear fruits suitable for consumption.

The management of citrus greening disease is difficult and requires an integrated approach that requires the use of pesticides to control psyllid vectors in the citrus crop.

Greasy spot:

It is a fungal disease caused by mycosphaerella citri, when this fungal disease affect a citrus tree the tree produces leaf spot and causes premature falling of leaves, reducing the tree’s force or strength to grow (vigour) and yield.

6• Harvesting period

Orange is an all season plant, at least a good orange spacie will produce fruits twice a year.

An orange tree takes up to four to five years to mature depending on the spacie

once your orange plantation has reached maturity stage all that you need to do is maintenance, taking good care of the farm and be sure of harvesting of it’s fruits twice every year.

7• Marketing

Due to the fact that orange fruit cannot be store for a long time this has led to a very poor market value of orange

Orange fruits can be measured in bag,rubber or counted and a value will be place on it.

At as the time of publish of this article; how to start an orange farm plantation in Nigeria
A bag of orange is sold for #800-#1000

Please note that the price may be in influence by location and season.

Juice and other products

Apart from eating the orange fresh it can be squeezed for orange juice.

The thick bitter rind can be processed into animal feed by desiccation using pressure and heat it is also used as recipes for food, oil and many other products.

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The reason for writing this article is to informed you on how to start an orange farm plantation in Nigeria, the steps and procedures to follow.

although orange farm production is a profitable business to invest in, but due to the fact that it is a highly perishable fruit.

transporting or movement of oranges from one location to another in the course of marketing exposes the fruit to risk of total damage which may lead to loss of investment on the side of the farmers and investors

Because of orange quick perishable state this has led to fluctuation of it’s market value.

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