Make money from Agriculture

How to make money from Agriculture in Nigeria without becoming a Farmer

How to make money from Agriculture in Nigeria – without becoming a farmer is not a fairly tale, rather a reality if you trade on the right path.

How to make money from Agriculture in Nigeria without becoming a Farmer – 3 sure ways.This guide will unveil to you ideas that will make manifest your ambition of
becoming wealthy through the agricultural sector

without you indulging in farming as a profession .

Nigeria is blessed with fertile land,
Farming is our culture as many people who will want to invest in the agricultural sector will still have the opportunity to make gains.

As far as human being is concern man most eat food to satisfy hunger, wood for buildings, cotton for clothings

and many other materials which you can get from the Agricultural world.

The truth of the matter is this:

Agriculture and farming is the only sector that can sustain the rapidly growing population of citizens in Nigeria and the world at large.

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How to make money from Agriculture in Nigeria without becoming a farmer

There are several ways which the above mentioned subject matter can be applied.

as you already know, after farmers are done with planting and harvesting

the next step is crop consumption, buying and selling

This is where those who want to invest in agriculture without having to become a farmer comes to play.

The following are technics which you as an investor can use to make money from farming.

1• a thousand naira for a thousand naira

This technic has ushered many investors into becoming millioneers within one farming season.

This is how it works,

Farming has to do with capital especially when it involves commercial farming

so as the farming season approaches most farmers will be in need of capital to cultivated their farms.

this is where you will place your investment meaning, you will provide the capital the farmers need.

a thousand naira for a thousand naira is a widely accepted method of loan in Benue state.

for instance when you loan out #1000 to a farmer at the end of the farming season the person (Farmer) Will repay #2000.

If it is #500,000 it will be doubled.

the amount of money you going to invest under the ‘a thousand naira for a thousand naira ‘ technics depends on your capability of funding the farmers who will indicate their interest of getting the loan.

2• seedlings for harvested crops

Under this type of technics, when it is time for planting and farmers have no access to seeds or money to buy seedlings for planting you will be their provider.

Let say, you have stocks of grains or crops farmers will come to you for loan of seeds to plant and at the end of the farming season

when the crops are harvested the agreed bags of crops in which the agreement cover will be handed over to you.

For instance you can give out a basin of beniseed and in return for 2bags of beniseed

2bags of paddy rice for 4bags in return and so on.

Image you distributing about 50bags in a farming season, in return you will gain massive interest in you crops stocks.

You can latter sale and make money from Agriculture, without becoming a farmer.

3• buy and stock

Even if you skip the two above, buy and stock is a very lucrative business to invest in.

This is because, you will buy and stock when the prices of those stocks increases you will sell and make money from your investment.

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A thousand naira for a thousand naira

If you transact with a strate forward Farmer and the necessary memorandum of understanding are in place there will be no issues at the end of the agreement.

Please note, when you are using this technique you should do it with a recognise Farmer who will be able to repay the dept.

Seedlings for harvested crops

This technique is productive if at the end of the farming year there is no issues like natural disasters or crisis.

If the farming period is success your investment will come out successful with good yields and returns.

Buy and stock

Buy and stock is a very common way of investing in agriculture and making money out of it without becoming a Farmer.

The orientation under this platform is patience.

Wait when the price of the crops increase in the market then you sale them

After all, the reason for investment is to make profits.

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