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How to harvest rice manually in Nigeria – what you should know

How to harvest rice manually in Nigeria?

After rice is cultivated and ready for harvest, there are several ways of harvesting paddy rice in Nigeria and worldwide

Rice can be harvested using mechanical and manual methods.

💡 Mechanical method

This is the use of machines to harvest rice.

for the fact that rice farming is a profitable business in Nigeria it is usually grown in large quantity
given room for the use of rice harvesters or rice harvesting mechines.

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💡 Manual method

Basically, how to harvest rice manually in Nigeria involves the use of hand working implements to harvest your paddy rice.

All you need in order to accomplish your rice harvesting project is a rice harvesting sickle

For a farmer to successfully harvest rice manually either in Nigeria or anywhere in the world,it is advisable to take caution while handling the sickle.

A sickle is a sharp curve blade with a wooden handle it looks like a sow blade

When it is time for harvest and you are to harvest your rice manually, this is how it is been done;

• Hold your sickle from the wooden handle point, than the other hand should grab the rice from the stem close to the ground, grab and cut.

• once you have cut , holding in your hand as much as your hand can grab then you drop the bounge rice you have cut

please note that you don’t scatter the harvested rice around the farm,you keep and arrange them in rows

it will be easy to pack when it is time for thrashing.

The issues associated with harvesting of rice manually is that;

Manual harvesting is labour intensive:

harvesting of rice manually by using sickle is a very tedious work, because it is done with the use of your body energy.

leaving you dehydrated at the end of the working hours or period.

Pron to injuries:

Manual method of harvesting rice has a high risk of injuries reason be it that, during the course of harvesting of rice from the field

if care and caution is not apply the farmer using the sickle may cut through his or her fingers.

It is slow compare to the use of rice harvesting mechines or rice Harvester; as you know humans are bound to get tired

on like machines which has the ability to work for a long period of time

So when you cannot meet up with the expenses of using machines to do your harvest, I advice you make use of manuel method

which involves the use of rice harvesting sickle.

Rice harvesting sickle

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