Duck fowl farming

Duck fowl farming in Nigeria – secrets behind duck existence.

To start a Duck fowl farming business in Nigeria is very easy compare to raising of other birds.

duck is a domestic bird with the ability to fly and swim perfectly

Although, decades ago duck fowl farming was label to be a poultry farm only for the poor.

But today there’s a turn around in the perspective about duck fowl farming in Nigeria and globally.

Many farmers are taking on duck fowl farming as a source of food and as a means to earn an income.

Duck fowl farming can be done for substantial or commercial purposes

which ever you choose depends on what you want, but i suggest you go into commercial farming of duck

reason be it that there is high demand for duck fowl in the market now.

It is not capital intensive with little amount of money you can start

Duck fowl farming in Nigeria.
this article will unveil the secrets behind duck fowl existence

Types of duck fowl

There are many types and kinds of duck fowl on planet earth. Below are some out of the many types of duck we have.

Domestic duck






Perching Duck




Diving Duck

Dabbling Duck

Which ever type you choose to rare is fine but i recommend you go with Domestic duck.

How to start duck fowl farming in Nigeria

1• Get a land

The piece of land should be sited in an environment where it it suitable for the birds to survive

it should be a where if the duck fowl hatch, the ducklings will not become prey to other animals around you land should be well secure.

2• Build a poultry

Duck swimming

After you have secure a piece of land, your next activity is to build a poultry house.

the house should have a water reservoir unlike chickens ducks are a big fan of water the enjoy swimming.

3• Get your duck

When you are done with the above mentioned steps, the poultry is now set and ready for use

Get your choice of duck, it should be male and female ducks

So Which ever type of farm (substantial or commercial) you want to start all depends on the numbers of duck you will buy and your ability to control and accommodate the them.



• A duckling takes four months to mature and lay eggs.

• Ducks grow faster when they have access to water reservoir, it burst their growth rate

• with stedy water supply the female duck can hatch three times per year.

• duck fowl enjoy staying in a swampy place, they love to feed on earth worms.with the use of their berk they search the earth for their food.

• mature female duck can lay fifteen to twenty eggs, it takes four weeks before hatching.

• for now ducks don’t have any disease that is a treat to them.

Duck fowl farm
Ducks in their pond

• Why hawk don’t feed on duck?

• The hawk is no match for a duck because of the weight of the duckling.

• I advise you cut the feathers of mature ducks failure to do so they may fry away and it may lead to loss.

Hope this article have answered your question on duck fowl farming

Your questions and comments are welcomed.

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